Website Maintenance Plans by Axiom WebWorks

Regardless of the type of website you have, all websites require maintenance. If your website is small and doesn’t take a lot of traffic, then you probably won’t need to hire someone fulltime to maintain it. However, it’s a good idea to invest in professional maintenance services in order to ensure that your site runs smoothly.

Website maintenance is the process of keeping your website safe and secure, while ensuring that it works on mobile devices and all major browsers. In addition to a standard website backup, there are many other tasks  when it comes to web maintenance for your site, like troubleshooting and problem solving, cleaning up old or outdated content, and doing any necessary updates or changes.

Maintenance + Reporting

My WordPress website maintenance plans ensure that your website remains healthy and operates at optimum levels. An important part of each plan is time dedicated to helping you improve your website to attract more customers. It’s like having tech support & and a designer on staff.  I offer all of the advantages with at fraction of the payroll.


I know a lot of my clients like to do things for themselves, but often they are frustrated with complex tasks on the website, new features or setting that need tweaked.  I offer peace of mind knowing that you always have someone to call on when things get hard.  Part of every plan is access to my 20 years of experience. Help is just a call or email away.


If you’re not watching your site you know who is?  The hackers.  WordPress is the most popular website platform in the internet, and that’s great but that also makes it one of the biggest targets of the bad guys.  I put a priority on keeping sites secure, and backed up just in case.  Sleep better knowing your site is in safe hands.

All rates are billed monthly, with a 1 year commitment.  Custom support plans can be negotiated on a per client basis.  Get in touch with me today to see how we can start working together to make your online experience easy, fun and effective.


* Uptime monitoring is only offered on site hosted with Axiom WebWorks.

Maintenance plans are contracted for a period of one year.  Early cancellation fee of 50% of the monthly fee for each remaining month of the contract. Current hourly rate for any work considered over the covered plan is billed at $70USD/hour.

Should a site need to be restored from backup there is a one time $30.00 fee.  Future backup restorations are not charged this fee.

Because of the complex and variables associated with Email, basic email configuration is offered, and while it is acceptable to most small business uses it is strongly suggested that a third party email service be used.  Gmail, MS, or Zoho Mail are all good choices.

This contract does not cover the cost of additional third party plugins, nor does it cover the costs of continued  update license’s. The support of abandoned themes or plugins is not covered under these plans.  If a comparable and current solution can be found plan time can be used to move site functionality to a new plugin or theme.

 ** All sites build by Axiom WebWorks include a lifetime DIVI license.